Day 10 Friday, 22 August 2014.

It is 14:30 and our installation looks like a functional clock of a complex system.

Underneath is laid the floor Plan of Villa da Rotonda that expands in a three-dimensional form of an urban planning.

The first thing to be seen approaching from the entrance is the Stair which cords  we follow in order to approach the Portico.




A stair is lines, patterns and symmetry.
It is a continuation of the landscape.
You move from one level to another.
You can move up, you can move down.
Movement is actions; actions make changes.
Some steps are small, some steps are big, some steps seem impossible.
You fall,
you get up,
you fail,
you learn.
It is a process.
The more you fail, the more you learn.
Like a rhythm.
In the end you enjoy what you seeded.
The harvest is the reward of a long process.

(Hans, Gitte, Lorenzo, Celine)

The thread now is a chain of beans, gathered carefully and spread all over the Portico.


The portico is not an element, it is a place.

We want to transform and humanize the notion of the portico.
By letting the portico become a place where we rinse, clean and care for the elements of nature, we invite nature and recall memories of the past.
The seasonal changes of the region will color and stain the portico. It’s the aesthetics of the ever changing.
(Patrick, Frederik, Nanna, Ewelina, Emma)



What will not be immediately consumed, will be stored at the Loft (Stig, Mads, Mia, Sigurd), which is same height but never competes the dominance of the Dome, a symbol of Eudaimonia as (Kasper, Emil,Smàri, Sabine, Julie) signified.

Then the Vault (Paula, Sunyao, Johan K., Joan) flourishes and grows. Nature returns, because the Door (Helen, Nikolaj, Charlotte, Joakim) is a mirror of nature and shelter.

The Column (Esben, Elaine, Johan W., Frederikke, Yvon) is the spine that actually makes this protection possible. And the Window (Elias, Ida, Elena, Simon) is the open space to the unknown that we always need to keep an eye on it.

The window is transparency
It reveals where you came from, and where you are going
We want to utilize the window in a ritual that is suppose to reminds us all the importance of reclaiming transparency, that contemporary society is gradually forgetting more and more.
(Simon, Elena, Ida, Elias)

Prof. Fisker opened the session with an introduction to the project, referring to Cavafy’s poem “Ithaka” as we have all reached our final goal. Then Prof. Harder thank all teams and collaborators that made this outcome possible. And Prof. Postiglione, after a brief review, led us viewers and participants to the Vault where Paola sitting on a chair of growing plants started reading the one of the eight statements.