Day 2 Thursday, 14 August 2014.


They say that the strongest muscle of the body is the one we are sitting on. Sitting on a chair is an un-natural position where the body has to balance in awkward ways. For centuries it has been a challenge for designers to create a really good ergonomic chair. These thoughts could have passed the mind, while listening to the 8 architects working with urban farming from Aalborg – for those who today had not brought a stool, ending up sitting on the ground of the Courtyard at the Palladio Museum – during the representation of group projects and the Lecture of Professors Gennaro Postiglione and Piercarlo Palmarini. It was one of these experiences that after years might give you the inspiration of creating something comfortable and cozy to lie down on. We count on that.


For all the new information, we hope that it will be absorbed immediately and in the next few days we will see results that will surprise first of all the creative part of ourselves.


They also say that the best gymnastic is a promenade, and this certainly was a day for this. We walked around and through the Palladio Museum and it seems that everyone already has a plan on his/hers mind on how each project will be. And now it is almost midnight as we close our eyes and the last image of the day is Palladio’s back as we try to reach him and lean on his shoulders.



IMG_1857   IMG_1856