Day 6 Monday, 18 August 2014.


Arriving at Venice.

Acupuncturists say that mosquitos bite in certain areas where our energy is not balanced. In that point of view, we owe them a favor.
In this magical city, it seems that even the insects reserve this summer to keep us alert.

Our first meeting point here was the grand patio of Crociferi Hostel where are we staying. Prof. Fisker’s lecture took place under an extraordinary light. And there at a moment she referred to history of food. The red revolution, in Venice. When tomato arrived, and chilly, and peppers etc; and something stroke me again to defend the sense of smell and taste that together with the sense of touch we gradually re-discover and appreciate in arts in the beginning of the 21st century.

The transformation is visible. We are one stage further than yesterday and twenty minutes walk from Arsenale. Tomorrow we will meet our task.