Day 8 Wednesday, 20 August 2014.


Preparing – Focusing – Designing. In the under pressure situation of the work in this stage, I use the old trick that I have invented as a kid; that of imagining me being an animal, or better said, to have the luxury of metamorphosis. In this effect I can gain some more strength from that animal part of myself: a running horse, strong as a bull, wise as a serpent, and so on.

Crossing by St. Marco every day after leaving our fantastic room at Arsenale some of us pass by the famous Lion. I cannot solve all the mystery behind this fable, even if I keep searching about what this specific Lion represents. Today I thought of Jane Bennet’s words, since her book is a point of discussion these days. On chapter 3 she writes “We are and we are not what we eat”.

A successful lawyer of the past century, in his late eighties he gave me the advice: “If you want to understand human behaviour, start observing the way animals behave and their secret law”.  Ancient cultures new that well, their rituals are full of similar adaptations, and Carnival and Theatre and Art still protecting such serious matters.

So we are and we are not what we eat, and opposed on any fantasy we are humans. And more critical of the dilemma if it is worth it to delve in to the past in order to understand life, more crucial is what the Chorus in Antigone sings in one voice: we have to choose the good and creative man and woman to sit next to us when the dinner table is served. To share food is one of the most mystic magical rituals and we cannot escape that because it is bound with life.

My wish is, nights like that of yesterday evening, where the students of the Integrated Food Studies from Aalborg University cooked for us and shared time, taste-experience, knowledge and good wine with us; to be the canon of a balanced life, with our secret nature, our good company and the creative self.